From the Piwowar's Library

We, the people of the Brewery

The Castle Brewery in Cieszyn is a small, multigenerational team with great passion, but also respect for what we do: we brew, sell, book and, above all, try to have fun at work.

Among us there are slightly older people and quite young people, there are those with more experience and those who are just entering the brewing life.

We are united by our common efforts to ensure that you get delicious beer with a pinch of Cieszyn magic contained in each bottle.

As in any good brewery, the most important here is also the Master Brewer: Dominik Szczodry. He composes our recipes (on his own or with the participation of home brewers or other craft breweries with whom we brew beer together) and he then oversees the brewing process at every stage so that the final effect is as close to the ideal as possible.


Dominik Szczodry in the brewhouse by the beer trough looks after the filtered beer wort.


It's long to name all the rest of our brewery family by name, but let's try:

Edek, Darek, Przemek, Robert, Sebastian, Wojtek and Tadeusz cook beer in the brewhouse.

Marysia, Adrian, Krystian, Andrzej, Marek, Krzysiek, Marian, Mariusz, Mateusz, Mirek, and Wojtek look after the yeast during fermentation and prepare the beer for bottling in the storage cellars.

Grzegorz, Jacek, Przemek and Sławek - they step into action when something new needs to be built or old repaired.

Gosia and Marysia test the quality parameters of beer on an ongoing basis.

Patryk and Sylwek take over the warehouse.

Alicja, Justyna and Ziemek make sure that we do not run out of anything to brew and that the whole thing turns.

Bożena, Ewa, Filip, Leszek, Łukasz, Marcin, Paweł, the second Paweł and Rafał sell what we brewed and help our clients.

Ewa, Gosia, Ola and Michał deal with all other bookkeeping and paperwork.


And that's it :)


We invite you to visit us! Visit our brewery or drop by one of our customers for our beer or contact us if you have any other topic for us!

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