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Sightseeing Terms and Conditions

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Below translation of the Polish language version of the legal document is provided for your convenience only and you agree that the Polish language version of the document will govern your relationship with us. If there is any contradiction between Polish language version of the document and the translation, then the Polish language version shall take precedence.



I. Rules for visiting the Brewery

  1. Visiting the Brewery for individuals is possible on fixed days and times specified by the Brewery.
  2. For organized groups, visiting the Brewery is possible on other days of the week upon prior reservation.
  3. Each visit is possible only with a guide who is an employee of the Brewery or a company cooperating with a Brewery, in a group of no more than 25 people.
  4. On the premises of the Brewery, it is allowed to take photos and film its devices and exhibits after obtaining permission.
  5. The Brewery reserves the right to exclude from visiting the parts of the Brewery normally intended for visiting or exhibits.


II. Admission to the Brewery

  1. Visiting the Brewery is payable, subject to the provisions of point 7 below.
  2. The basis for entry to the premises of the Brewery is a ticket or receipt issued to the Visitor by the Brewery.
  3. Payment for a ticket enabling visiting the Brewery should be made in cash or by credit card, in Polish zlotys.
  4. Tickets are sold at the information desk or at the guide.
  5. It is allowed to visit the Brewery by schoolchildren if the curriculum includes processes related to production technology. Young people can visit the Brewery only with a guardian, who takes full responsibility for the charges and supervises them during their stay on the premises of the Brewery facilities. The Guardians are responsible for preventing damage to the Brewery's property and for damage caused by inappropriate behavior of Visitors.
  6. Minors may visit the Brewery only under the supervision of a guardian.
  7. Free admission is available to guardians of an organized group of minors (one in 15 people), guardians of disabled people (one in 10 disabled people) and people under 14 years of age.


III. The brewery may refuse access to and stay on its premises to persons:

  1. Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other similar substances
  2. Possessing weapons or other life-threatening items
  3. Behaving aggressively, provocatively or in any other way endangering the safety of visiting


IV. When visiting the Brewery, all participants must follow the instructions of the guides.


V. Behavior not allowed

In order to ensure the safety and comfort of visiting the Brewery, it is forbidden to:

  1. Staying on the premises of the Brewery for drunk persons, persons under the influence of intoxicants, as well as persons behaving in a way that threatens the safety of other visitors,
  2. Take out exhibits or other elements located on the premises of the Brewery,
  3. Bringing animals to the premises of the Brewery, excluding guide dogs and assistance dogs for disabled people,
  4. Bringing any animals to the brewery production departments,
  5. Bringing and consuming meals and drinks outside of designated places,
  6. Smoking and using open fire on the premises of the Brewery, outside the designated areas,
  7. Unauthorized, apart from the group, moving around the Brewery premises; it is not allowed to disconnect from the group; the visitor should move along the route indicated by the guide and only in his company,
  8. Bring to the premises of the Brewery: weapons, explosives and other substances hazardous to health, in particular poisonous, corrosive, intoxicating substances, etc.,
  9. Access to marked or otherwise fenced rooms and spaces to which unauthorized access is prohibited,
  10. Conducting commercial and advertising activities on the premises of the Brewery, unless it is regulated by agreements concluded with the Brewery.


VI. Security

  1. Before entering the tour, the guide informs the Visitors about the threats to health and life in the Brewery, as well as the safety requirements specified in these Regulations.
  2. All Visitors are required to comply with these Regulations and the Health and Safety Instructions and Fire Instructions generally available on the premises of the Brewery.
  3. Persons staying on the premises of the Brewery are obliged to comply with generally applicable safety regulations and rules.
  4. The Brewery Guides and its subcontractors are obliged and authorized to act to ensure the safety of the Visitors on the premises of the Brewery and to enforce the provisions of these Regulations.
  5. In the event of a direct threat to the health or life of the Visitors, the Brewery reserves the right to immediately withdraw from the provision of services. For this reason, the Visitors are entitled to reimbursement of the ticket costs.
  6. In the event of announcement of a detected threat, all Visitors must follow the instructions of the guides or employees of the Brewery. The evacuation will be carried out by designated employees of the Brewery or guides to the collection point after evacuation.


VII. Final Provisions

  1. These Regulations are available on the website of the brewery and before entering the premises of the brewery.
  2. The purchase of a ticket means that you have read these Regulations, accept them and agree to comply with them.
  3. Failure to comply with these Regulations by the Visitor is the basis for the removal of the Visitor from the brewery and the ticket is not reimbursed.
  4. If the Visitor causes any damage in connection with visiting or staying on the premises of the Brewery, he is obliged to repair the damage in the full amount specified by the Brewery.
  5. These Regulations constitute the sole legally binding document regulating the rules of visiting and staying on the premises of Browar Zamkowy Cieszyn Spółka z oo. Any other information materials, including advertising and marketing, are only of an auxiliary nature and cannot constitute any basis for a complaint.



Browar Zamkowy Cieszyn Spółka z oo shall not be liable in any way for any events on the premises of the Brewery resulting from non-compliance by Visitors with the provisions of these Regulations and the provisions available to visitors on the premises of the Brewery, including the Health and Safety/Fire Protection Instructions, as well as the instructions of guides.

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