From the Piwowar's Library

The immortal spirit of the Brewery

The Cieszyn brewery defies logic, it exists against economic calculations (it is not large, but it is not a micro-brewery either), it exists, although it should have collapsed a long time ago, it exists, although sometimes it causes problems for us, it exists ... because we all need such places.

Once upon a time the world was huge, the nature mysterious and science unique. Today we have everything at our fingertips: just turn on the TV, computer or phone and we can be at the other end of the globe. Sensation screams at us every second of our lives, we are chasing what someone decided we need. We run a race unknowingly and often pretend to be happy. However, a moment of reflection and reflection is enough to state that we do not want it at all, that we miss what it used to be, for peace, naturalness, mystery and magic that we saw in small objects. As Browar Zamkowy Cieszyn, we exist precisely to restore this magic to people. We can only do this if we are authentic, when our beers are made according to what we say about them.

We offer traditional beers, on a small scale, in a place where knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, where time is the most important ingredient of the product. We adhere to these traditions, we keep our methods, but we do not lose sight of the product. We strive to achieve mastery in what we do - quality and repeatability are the features of our beers that set our standard. The taste is extracted slowly and from natural ingredients, we do not take shortcuts. Beer is made as before. Drawing from history, we create the present from it, preserving it for future generations. The tradition on which we rely, however, does not exclude the search for new tastes, combining different culinary worlds with each other, which is why we are happy to experiment, looking for unusual solutions. And all this to give pleasure, make the moments spent in the company of our beers remain in your memory for longer and encourage you to come back and discover our magical world.

A brewery with a history, a soul and a mystery that you can feel in every sip - we exist to share magic!

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